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Watercolor painting
Artworks for Wellbeing, Awareness, & Learning

ArtWorks is a therapeutic arts-based consultancy, providing private individual and group art therapy services to adults, adolescents, and children experiencing mental health challenges and life transitions. We also facilitate therapeutic imagination workshops in schools, museums, care homes, and businesses. Our aim is to help each client nurture a sense of wellbeing, discover deeper self-awareness and learn to unleash his or her creative potential through art making, leading to new perspectives and the possibility of change. 


Kelly Reedy, ArtWorks’ founder, is an art psychotherapist, artist, and art educator. By combining her expertise in these fields, she creates opportunities for people of all ages to benefit from how art can heal, give pleasure, and teach us more about ourselves and others. Through ArtWorks Kelly seeks to use the creative process in the service of mental health, trauma-focused care, self-care for caregivers, and life transition work. 

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